Let’s Talk Affidavits

This election year has been anything but calm and sense in one of the most opinionated people it’s been really hard to not post anything during the run up to the elections.

Why did I not? I really wanted to see if I could be more Zen this time around. I know, stupid. Not only do I not have a Zen bone in my body but I’m tired of cheaters!!!!

Biden and Harris have not officially won the election yet. It’s amazing how many people don’t seem to know that and on top of that they cheated!

There are now sworn affidavits (legal documents) that individuals have made about the illegal voting practices that have been seen in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and I’m sure we will hear of more.

That means Democrats did not have enough faith in their candidates to let them win on their own merits, pathetic.

Now, I’m not diluted enough to think any of the court proceedings are going to change the outcome. Maybe, we will see.

However, just knowing the voting process has now been so rigged to this point I no longer have faith in our system.

Slow Start

I started this political blog a year and a half ago and have not posted one single thing yet. Call me a procrastinator because it’s true. I have been busy but I’ve also been a little hesitant to speak my mind on all I am seeing.

That changes now.

I’m done with the news, right or left leaning, they all lie. Politics is ruining this nation not because we don’t see eye to eye; it’s due to political agendas and money. People can get along and bring great change to this nation if politics stayed at the side line and left their agenda at home.

Just a thought.


I’m a Newbie

I know very little about politics but I’m hoping to make some strides. I’m tired of sitting back and letting the people in power right now run this great nation into the ground. They fight and squabble and really don’t seem to get anywhere. So I want to put my nose to the grindstone and learn about our political landscape and what the powers that be are working on. What’s good, what’s bad and spread the word out  there to honest hard working people. I’m just like you. I’m not going to sugar coat anything for a buck.